African American Economic, Social, And Political Standings


The average, normal, everyday African American person comes into view as being more likely to encompass the living life style in that of a status such as poverty; unlike a person that is from a white or caucasian background.  Living in poverty is generally defined as one’s existence is poor, deprived, and unfortunate.  It is a situation in which a person, or family, is at the point of their life where financial income, food, and housing accommodation is not an adequate amount or in short supply.  When an African American has the means to provide sufficiently for themselves and a family there is the possibility that he or she may encounter receiving higher rate and more costly mortgages in comparison to what a caucasian, or even a person from a Latin decent, may be given.   Unemployment rates between a middle class African American and caucasian is nearly twice as much; along those same lines is the typical work pay scale which can be noted as approximately three fourths of that of someone from a different race.   When it comes to education, the African American percentage falls not far behind the scale from the Latin Americans in regards to the number of students who drop out of school.  On the other hand, African Americans lead the statistics in children which are required to attend schools that are located in high poverty documented vicinities.  As for politics, it was once thought out that African Americans were not able to achieve higher powers in a political setting, President Barack Obama had proven many people wrong when he became the first African American president of the United States.

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