How Racial Groups Interact In Contemporary America


Interaction between racial groups can be highly beneficial for all parties involved.  Having contact with an unfamiliar race not only shows support of the other person’s background but can also encourage friends and family to do the same.  By doing something of this nature, it can aid in decreasing the chances of someone discriminating, stereotyping, or showing prejudice towards another individual or group.  The interaction amongst folks from different cultural backgrounds does not need to be of a formal setting in order for one’s learning means to evolve.  Sometimes the best interactions and connections of growth happen in informal personal relaxed atmospheres.  Schools, colleges, and even the workplace tend to become good environments for people to get to know one another on a more private level.  This type of positive socialization allows individuals to look past a person’s race, gender, sexual preference, and enjoy him or her for who they truly are.



It is sad to say, but yes, social inequities are considered to be still present in today’s modern day societies.  One would like to believe that with all the changes that have occurred within the past decade that instances of social inequality would not take place or even be tolerated. However, in spite of the countless number of laws which were thoroughly thought out, taken into consideration, drawn up, and then passed to help prevent such ridiculous incidents, some people continue to hold the frame of mind to which living in a racial setting deems appropriate.  A few examples of social inequities that a number of races may end up suffering or putting up with include instances such as housing or neighborhood choices, job careers, education or school selection, the civil rights to vote, possibly even travel issues or concerns.  No one should be given limits to where they live or the school they wish to attend just because they are of a particular ethnic background.




Today’s racial prejudice and discrimination within society, neighborhoods, schools, and the workforce is more often than not due to the fact that a person was raised to have that type of way of thinking, introducing this type of behavior to him or her at a very young age.   Children are extremely influential, so when a child is brought up to believe that one particular race, ethnic background, religion, gender, or even sexual preference is better than their own then it has the potential of causing that child to continue the prejudicial train of thought throughout their lifespan.  That particular person will generally seek out others who obtain the same feelings, desires, and preferences and make an effort to carry on their racial prejudicial and discriminatory tradition.  These types of racial obstacles are in need of being broken.  It is essential for families, schools, as well as the workplace to resume the teachings of other culture lifestyles, and how discrimination negatively affects our world.

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